Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MY latest artistic project, a cake. I have never painted on a cake before. It will be a project I will never forget.

Goofy dog!

Riley sat and stared at himself for awhile one day. He could not figure out who that dog was in the mirror.

Riley loves poochy cones from Caliches.

Matt and I took pictures of a family who is putting together some new pictures for adoption. They took a few of us as well.

Riley loves to watch TV.

Riley next to his favorite Uncle Copper.

Our Family!

Matt, Kandi, & Riley the angel of our family.

Our Life in Las Cruces!

Matt and I are doing great. We are busy learning many lessons that life has to offer. Matt is working on his doctrates degree and will be finished in one more year. I am enjoying being home, making our house a home and playing with Riley.